Hardenberg Exhibition

Fensys products were displayed during an exhibition in Hardenberg, Netherlands with SHTB. As of recent years, traditional wood is now being replaced by low maintenance natural looking UPVC that Fensys offers. Our products won’t crack or rot, as well as being resistant  to insect infestation, weather damage, fire damage and stains; all of which traditional wood is affected by. Investment into Fensys products rather than the wooden alternative allows for longer durability so it’s to no surprise that our polymer deck boards are popular amongst those who demand effortless style. As for the environmentally conscious, by utilising our co-extrusion knowledge and technology, the majority of our products are manufactured with a high rate polymer outer layer and a partially recycled core while still providing structural integrity, Fensys deck boards options include Premium Excel, Premium ECO deck boards and Natural Plastic Composite deck boards which all provide greater resistance than natural wood.