Stylboard – Mineral Grey

Stylboard is currently available in 3 finishes, one mineral finish and two wood grains. Our Mineral finish board is unique in its field for finish and also quality. The Grey mineral pattern finish not only looks fantastic it is coated by an embossed super tough resin cap layer that ensure its preforms just as good as it looks. Bespoke finishes are possible should volumes suffice and sample boxes of the current range are now available.

Stylboard LXT & LXM has arrived

Stylboard is a new Fensys product for 2022 with unparalleled appearance and performance. Stylboard takes the style and luxury of high end internal floor outside. See our Stylboard page for more information. A polymer composite deck board with outstanding looks and performance, Stylboard is set to transform outdoor spaces, you really can now create a room in the garden. Initial available in two LXT (luxury timber) finishes Ashwood Grey and Cornish Oak and one LXM (luxury mineral) finish mineral grey.

The Ultimate Deck Board

Our 100% polymer deck boards offer the highest standard possible and an industry leading product. With intricate design features and noteworthy weatherability, our deck boards remain stain, rot and water damage free providing years of beautiful and effortless usage.  The tongue and groove feature allows ours boards to be fitted within a 2-5mm gap creating a seamless blend preventing any fittings being in view keeping your end result secure and aesthetically pleasing. You wouldn’t want to be without.

How to take care of your Fensys products

When something is so good, you want it to last forever. Although our Fensys products unfortunately can’t last forever, here are a few tips that may help enhance the longevity of our products lifespan.

We recommend avoiding: rubber mats, basic household chemical cleaners, high temperature cleaning apparatus, contact with sun cream, salt spray and carelessly lifting and dragging furniture over our products.

We recommend: washing with lightly soaped water, using pressure washers, taking care on hot days by testing surfaces with the back of your hand, careful handling of furniture/pots

New frequently asked questions page, coming soon!

With the amazing quality of our products, you’re bound to ask questions. Our new, upcoming Fensys frequently asked questions page will answer everything you could possibly need to know about our products. What are the advantages of our tongue and groove deck board? Are your products slip proof? How can I clean Fensys polymer products? This page will answer your what’s, how’s and why’s while also providing tips and tricks on how to maximize your usage of our products and some inside knowledge into what makes our products so great.

Our new media hub

Can’t get enough of our top quality Fensys products? With our new social media hub, it is quicker and easier to keep up to date with us. Here you can find exclusive updates about our work, recent blogs, where to find us, new products and more. Gain an insight into our work first-hand and our involvement with local clubs within our community. Pictures, links and excellent content; keeping up to date has never been so easy.

Serious about safety award!

We are honored to announce that our Quality and Health and Safety manager Craig Edge is the first winner of the Serious about Safety award on behalf of PAL (Group) Operations. The award chosen by Mid County Safety is designed to give credit to those who keep the workplace a safe environment. It is highlighted that this award is only awarded to those who go above and beyond in their aim to keep individuals safe and was won on the basis of Craig standing out in regards to efforts within Health and Safety, demonstrating passion for their work and also being an advocate for making a difference within the community. In an interview with Craig conducted by the serious about safety organization, he believes “seeing the development over the past 14 years in which the company has taken great strides in protecting the welfare of staff” has been the greatest reward in the job. To read further in depth about the award and Craig’s interview, please visit The Serious About Safety Award –

We are extremely proud of Craig and his efforts and hope you join us in celebrating such a great achievement.

Painswick grey rollout

With the high popularity of our premium eco deck board in Painswick grey, we needed to go bigger and better. Coming to you in 2022, we plan to develop handrails, posts and skirting in the same light grey colour creating a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic. Perfect to complement and enhance your Painswick decking. Keep your eyes peeled.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

If you’re going to invest in high quality, long life plastic, why not make it recyclable too? Within the production of many of our Fensys products, we aim to take an active role in protecting our environment. We use recycled plastics to create our finest deck boards, handrails, posts and skirting to bring to you. All of our products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, helping our environment after many years of usage and trouble free enjoyment.

Stylboard coming soon

Coming soon to you, an exciting range of UPVC deck boards designed to inspire and create. The stylboard range will feature a level of finish not seen before on a decking product. Watch this space!