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Fensys 100% Polymer Premium Excel Driftwood Deck Board

Premium Eco and Premium Excel deck boards

Here at FENSYS we believe our Premium range of 100% polymer deck boards are the most advanced high specification deck boards available. With many market leading design features and exceptional weatherability our deck boards not only look good but offer years of untroubled use; Read on to find out why we believe our boards out perform the rest.

Eco & Excel – Manufactured from 100% polymer

Polymer does not rot. Polymer does not adsorb water. Polymer is stain resistant. Polymer needs no preservative treatment, painting or staining. Polymer will not promote the growth of fungus, lichen or algae. Polymer is simply the best material that can be used to manufacture a long life weather resistant outdoor decking product. Adding filler materials such as timber or rice husk to produce a composite can improve the natural appearance but will detract from most of the performance characteristics of a 100% polymer product.

Eco & Excel – Robust design

At 180mm wide and 35mm thick the cellular design of our deck boards mean they are extremely strong. A heavy duty tongue and groove feature ensures that when you tread on one deck board the load is well distributed across the deck. Having structurally tested our deck boards at official testers, Lloyds British Testing and parked cars on exhibition decks, we can say with confidence our product will take the load.

Eco & Excel – Hidden fixings

The tongue and groove feature allows our boards to be fitted with a 2-5mm gap; this completely hides any fixings from view. The result, a seamless ascetically pleasing finish.

Eco & Excel – Integral fixing system

Designed for strength our boards are manufactured with an integral fixing flange meaning no fiddly clips sitting visible between the boards. The integral flange enables secure fixing of the deck boards direct to sub-frame joists.

Excel – Advanced polymer cap layer

Our boards are manufactured with a cap layer that covers all seen faces; we use the most advanced UV resistant outdoor grade polymers available to ensure your deck remains looking good for many years of untroubled enjoyment. No other product manufactured in the UK can offer performance that matches our Premium Excel range.

Eco & Excel – Dual wood grain patterning

Our bare foot friendly deck boards have a prominent wood grain pattern and a back ground stipple pattern that further advances both appearance and slip resistance. So to keep you safe, dry or wet our product meets all recommended standards as set out in Health and Safety Executive slip resistance standard BS7976-2.

Excel – Unique multi colour processing

Using advanced production techniques our Tawny, Antique Oak, Woodland Green and Driftwood deck boards are manufactured using a multi toned colour process that simulates natural variation. With no two boards being manufactured exactly the same; our Excel deck boards have an unparalleled natural look.

Excel – Natural earth tone colour range

With colours carefully selected from the world around, such as Tawny as taken from the Tawny Owl and Driftwood taken from aged sea bleach timber. Our Premium Excel range emulates some of nature’s most stunning natural tones

Eco – Contemporary colour range

Developed in line with modern building materials, our Eco range can give your deck a modern clean appearance whilst matching or contrasting to your home. Cream and Beige deck boards are supplied as standard and for hotter climates we also offer white.

Eco – Economy and ecology

The Eco range cap layer uses an industry standard engineering grade polymer whilst the base layer includes some recycled material. The result is a product with some green credentials that also looks after your pocket.

Excel – Excellent performance that excels all others

Our Excel deck board range has green credentials from its a partly recycled base layer and when combined with the market leading performance of its polymer cap layer and all of the specifications set out above ‘No other product can match what it has to offer’

Fitting Guide lines

The tongue and groove design of our premium board means they are easy and fast to fit. A matching starter profile is available for the leading edge to further simplify fitting. The boards should be fitted to a suitably strong sub-frame designed around the intended use of the area. Joist/beam centres of 400mm – 450mm are recommended however, the boards can manage spans of up to 500mm centres subject to loading requirements. Firstly, fit the starter profile to the edge where you wish to start. The starter has a fixing flange which you can screw straight through into the sub-frame. Our starter profiles are suitably robust for walk-off deck edges or as the leading edge of a step and both parts are manufactured with a grip pattern for slip resistance. Be sure to use an engineering grade fixing that is strong enough to withstand thermal expansion of the deck area. Hex headed carbon steel self-drilling tech screws are ideal for use with our galvanised metal sub-frame and there is plenty of clearance for the head of the screw between boards and starters. To fix the next board simply slot it into the starter profile or deckboard and fix in the same way. An expansion gap of at least 2mm between boards is required and this gap can be increased to 4mm to improve water run-off. Our premium board can be fitted in full lengths up to 4877mm. Matching C channels are available to trim finish the open ends of the board and starter trim. Both the starter and the deck boards can be installed end to end using a C channel in a back to back fashion. Consider changing the direction of the board a joints on large areas to create a more interesting looking space.  Expansion gaps at all board ends are required including under back to back C channels. Times the board length in metres by 2 to calculate the clearance required at each end of every board or starter trim (example: 2.5 metre deck boards x 2 = 5mm clearance at both ends of the board).

Fensys 100% Polymer Premium Eco Beige and Cream Deck Boards

Fensys 100% Polymer Premium Excel Woodland Green / Antique Oak / Stone and Tawny Deck Boards

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