Fensys – Frequently asked questions

We are frequently asked common questions about our UPVC polymer decking and gate products. Here are some of the more common questions and their answers:

What is a polymer composite?

Our high performance and top quality deck boards are partially derived from its composite structure. The boards are manufactured from UPVC which are coated with a high performance polymer cap layer. These polymer elements are bonded at high melting points producing a strong polymer composite. This means we can offer a product that provides many years of trouble free enjoyment.

Why is polymer a good material for Fensys decking, gates and fencing?

Polymer is perfect for Fensys decking, gates and fencing as it will not rot, doesn’t absorb water, is strain resistant, needs no preservative treatment (such as painting or staining), and will not promote the growth of any type of fungus. If that wasn’t good enough, polymer is the best material to manufacture a long life weather resistant outdoor decking product keeping your decking perfect for longer.

What are the advantages of a tongue and groove deck board?

The tongue and groove feature allows our boards to be fitted with a 2-5mm gap; this completely hides any fittings from view resulting in a seamless finish.

Are your deck boards slip resistant?

Yes. Fensys deck boards have been tested by independent slip risk assessors Grip Potential Limited. Our 100% polymer composite products have been tested in dry and wet conditions to BS7976-2.

How can I clean Fensys polymer products?

Fensys only recommend lightly soaped water to clean your deck board and suggest you avoid chemical cleaners as some very basic household cleaners can attack and damage polymer. When investing in care and restoration products, we recommend contacting individual product manufacturers for advice on their suitability with Fensys products. Please avoid high temperature apparatus however; pressure washers can be used if preceded with care.

What is the difference between Premium Eco and Excel deck boards?

Both our Premium Eco and Excel Deck boards are manufactured by combining a UPVC base layer with a top quality polymer cap layer offering exceptional weatherability.  The two types are bonded at melting point creating a durable composite structure. Our Excel boards are manufactured using multi-colour processing technology leading to natural streak effects, tone and colour variation meaning no two boards are manufactured the same. This provides an unparalleled natural appearance. Our premium Eco Deckboards use the same wood patterning technology but are manufactured from modern single colours.

Can Fensys polymer products be recycled?

Within the production of our Fensys products, we aim to take an active role in protecting our environment. All Fensys 100% polymer products are design to last and are fully recyclable. We also recycle all of our own process waste through utilization of our in house recycling plant meaning our products create minimal to no waste.

Are Fensys products fire resistant?

Fensys premium boards have been tested according to BS EN ISO 11925-2:2010 Reaction to fire test for building products by accredited testers BTTG Technologies

What are the advantages of Fensys metal sub-frame?

Our metal sub-frame replaces traditional timber sub-frame structures and doesn’t move or twist with age. This system does not need painting, staining or preservative treatments and is corrosion resistant, maintenance free, offers ease of fitting and strength, and is manufactured from fire resistant none combustible materials.

What loading rating can Fensys deck boards take?

Our deck boards can bear up to 5 KN/M2 when accompanied with a strong sub-frame. However, our holiday and leisure decking is tested to 1.5KN/M2.

How do I get a quotation for my deck?

Feel free to contact us using the ‘Make an Enquiry’ link at the top of the page or alternatively via our contact details. With our extensive network of approved installation partners, we can then direct you to your nearest installer who can provide a quotation for you.

What warranty do Fensys products have?

We offer a 10 year limited warranty on our 100% Polymer products.

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